June 24, 2009

Ponyo on a Cliff

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This post is incomplete and is subject to change.

Ponyo on a Cliff is an upcoming anime film directed by Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli. It’s to be released this summer, 2008, in theatres in Japan, and it will be released in North America in 2009. This review is incomplete and only contains information that I have collected from what I have read on the Internet. As I find out more, I’ll update this post.

This film is rumoured to be Mr. Miyazaki’s final film, however, I am not entirely certain of that, and I don’t believe it. My reason for my refusal to believe this could be his final film is because of a past history: after directing Princess Mononoke, Mr. Miyazaki was supposed to have retired, but he made an unexpected and sudden comeback to direct Spirited Away, from which he gained more critical acclaim and recognition in North America, than he had had from his other films, and which also won the Golden Bear Award – the first animation film to win such a prestigious award.

So we’ll see if he is actually going to retire retire or if he’s just going to take a break undercover as “retired”, then surprise the world again with another fantastic film.

Unlike his previous films, Ponyo on a Cliff, is actually made using water colour art and is described as being charmingly childish. It has been said that Mr. Miyazaki has gone back to his roots in this one – simple but charming children’s films.


The film is about a five-year-old boy, who is based upon Hayao Miyazaki’s son (Goro Miyazaki), and a little goldfish princess who longs to be human, and their adventures throughout the film. It had major success in Japan, and is slated for release sometime this year in North America.


Interview with Toshio Suzuki about Ponyo on a Cliff


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