August 14, 2009

Welcome to The World Is Quiet Here 101

Posted in News & Updates at 12:51 am by j128

Hello again and welcome to The World Is Quiet Here 101.

What is The World Is Quiet Here 101, you might ask? The World Is Quiet Here 101 is what used to be The World Is Quiet Here at With a simple export and import job, I transferred the old blog to its new home here. You can find everything that was ever published before on the old blog, along with a few new features that includes better navigation, RSS subscription with options (see the small dropdown menu appears when you hover over it), page categorization (my best attempt), and every time you refresh the blog page, or click on any post or page, in the sidebar to the right random posts appear. You also may rate any posts or pages on this blog from 1 to 5 stars, noting that you must view the post or page’s permalink first by clicking the post or page title.

A note on the pages “categorization”: hovering over “Start Here” will display this post as a page and the about page in the dropdown menu; “The Silver Screen” has the Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo page and the Comedy TV: Jeeves & Wooster page.

The only thing that I could say I’m not too thrilled about with this theme is the tag cloud. I think the blog would just look tidier without it.

I’ll have some new reviews rolling out soon.

In the meantime, keep in the loop!


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  1. j128 said,

    WordPress changed the theme’s sidebar, so now there’s only one sidebar instead of four. All the widgets seen here are by default; if I had any other ones, these default ones would be wiped out.

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